PFS offers a complete line of sanitation chemicals and products for your plant. Our full range of offerings include alkaline cleaners, chlorinated cleaners, acid cleaners, bleach, sanitizers, soaps, mini-bulk tanks, and cleaning equipment. Each of our cleaners resulted from extensive research & development, and have undergone vigorous testing. We utilize cutting-edge, proprietary surfactant systems that result in complete bacterial removal.

In addition to providing stock chemicals, PFS can also custom-blend finished products to address specific issues or conditions in your plant.

The chemicals are dispensed through the PFS auto-dilution delivery system that tracks chemical usage, making them easier to work with and safer for your employees.

Product Listing

PFS-1004 – Tub Wash
PFS-1005 – Laundry Detergent
PFS-1010 – General Purpose Degreaser (Non-Foam)
PFS-1013 – CIP (Non-Foam)
PFS-HD 1014 – Heavy Duty Smokehouse CIP (Non-Foam)
PFS-1015 – Alkaline Degreaser
PFS-HD 1020 – Heavy Duty Alkaline Detergent (Foam)
PFS-1060 – Alkaline General Purpose Degreaser (High-Foam)
PFS-1070 – Alkaline Scrub Soap
PFS-1500 – Tray Wash CIP (Non-Foam)
PFS-1520 – Chlorinated Alkaline Foam Detergent
PFS-2010 – Acid Cleaner (Non-Foam)
PFS-2020 – Acid Cleaner (Foam)
PFS-9060 – Safety Solvent (High Foam)
Sodium Hypochlorite

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