Food Ingredients

PFS supplies a full line of food ingredients and marination binders, including food-grade vinegar, lemon juice, and phosphates. We can custom-blend ingredients and create specific flavor profiles to suit your needs.

Clean Label

Through extensive research and development, PFS has created several clean label products that outperform industry standards.

Extend BV – Buffered vinegar-based antimicrobial that extends shelf life and creates enhanced flavor profiles.

Extend LV – Buffered vinegar and lemon juice

CitriGel – Clean label phosphate replacement that provides superior moisture retention. Proprietary blend of citrus and rice flours.

Citranol – Buffered potassium citrate for enhanced yield and shelf-life.

SavorPure – Phosphate replacement to add tenderness and moisture retention.

ActiPure – Conventional potassium phosphate. Assists in moisture retention and flavor enhancement, improves tenderness, and is sodium free.

With PFS food ingredients, you will deliver the shelf life your customers expect, and provide superior texture and flavor, while maximizing profitability.

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