Waste water

PFS provides a customized wastewater treatment program that fully satisfies local municipal wastewater remediation requirements, and produces sludge with less moisture, saving our customers money.

Our comprehensive wastewater program includes chemicals, such as cationic and anionic polymers, flocculants and pH control chemicals, and equipment, consisting of metering pumps, tankage and chemical mixing equipment.

PFS can analyze your existing processes and implement changes in setup, products, and system design where necessary. In some cases, PFS has been able to reduce polymer consumption by up to 50%. PFS can design and install efficient polymer make-down systems and delivery systems. as well as manufacture custom polymer blends based on your plant-specific needs.


Case Study #1
PFS was brought in to solve an issue at a poultry processing plant where municipal requirements for B.O.D and Phosphates were not being met. The plant also had an issue with excessive moisture retention in the wastewater sludge. Through changes in process, delivery, and product, PFS was able to satisfy municipal requirements for B.O.D and Phosphates, as well as reduce sludge moisture retention by 25%.

As an added benefit, PFS simultaneously reduced the customer’s cationic polymer consumption by 50% and anionic polymer consumption by 80%.

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