Yield Assessment

PFS utilizes its experience to help customers when they are having yield issues. PFS will dive in and evaluate the whole process to find leaks that negatively impact yield.

PFS conducts comprehensive evaluations of plant procedures, personnel, and practices that may affect yield. A report will then be issued with detailed findings including positive areas and opportunities for improvement, and recommended changes where applicable.

PFS personnel will assist the plant with implementation of these recommendations, not just hand the plant a piece of paper with negative findings.

Assessment includes, but is not limited to:

Live Hang
– review trailer weighing procedures, amount of litter incoming, DOA counts and procedures

Scalding – check temperatures, pH

Picking – evaluate picking program based on line speeds and number of pickers; look for opportunities on bird damage

Evisceration – evaluate condemn, giblet harvest (where applicable), salvage program

Chillers – evaluate pH levels, water temperature, bird temperature, agitation, water levels

Bird Temperatures – check bird temperature exiting the chiller

Cut-Up / Debone – evaluate cuts and machine settings, condemn in 2nd processing, and floor waste

Injection – review injection program and determine if targets are being met

Scales – observe master scale operations

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